Johanna Beach Campground, Great Otway National Park, VIC




Park: Great Otway National Park, Victoria

Campground: Johanna Beach Campground, Joanna

Description: Located north west of Cape Otway and a popular spot for surfers, this is a large grassy camp spot located directly behind the sand dunes of Johanna beach.

Good Points: Right on the beach, dogs allowed, lots of campspots even in peak season. Easy access for camper trailers.

Drawbacks: Very open and not overly protected from the winds coming up off the beach in wilder weather.

Facilities: Pit (self composting) toilets only.

Fee’s: Free! :-)

Walks and Attractions: From Johanna Beach you can walk south-east 4km to Rotten Point, crossing Johanna River and Brown Creek along the way, return same route. By turning right from Johanna Beach and heading north-west you can do the Sutherlands Beach Circuit (4km one way), which leads to Slippery Point and into Sutherlands Beach (only accessible at low tide).

Things to know: There is no fires allowed at this site and the rangers make regular checks to keep this enforced.

Directions: There are two ways to reach it. The first is to turn off the Great Ocean Rd onto Red Johanna Rd, signposted 12 km south of Lavers Hill, and keep going for nearly 5 km. The second is to take Blue Johanna Rd, 3.5 km south of Lavers Hill off the Great Ocean Rd, and follow it for just over 8 km. Note that the second option is a steep, narrow road unsuitable for caravans or camper trailers.

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